Arse That

Arse That is a team of two people, two people who have been an item since the summer of 2005 and friends for even longer. The name Arse That is a compound of one of their favourite words apiece...

Miffy being Miffy...Miffy whose favourite word is arse, a British slang word for a bottom, adores it for its onomatopoeic texture. The word arse is full, it rounds in to a cleft at the middle and fills out once more. As she says herself "It just rolls off the tongue - not literally, that would be disgusting!" Otherwise she's a sweet, squeaky and sometimes sickly Scot with a penchant for ice lollies and tea - at the same time. If she isn't spending all her hard earned dosh adorning herself with dresses via eBay you might sometimes find her drawing.

Her tools of the trade are her sketchpad, mechanical pencil, Wacom Volito 2 Graphics Tablet, GIMP and a HP Pavilion dv3000 laptop running Linux Mint.

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Ploe's smug mug Ploe chooses that - the word that, for its ability to cause what he considers a segfault of the imagination, owing to the fact its meaning is always dictated by the context (or lack thereof) it is in. For example: you walk in to the hut, the zookeeper gives you a grim look and in a soft but imperative tone he states "That." Imagine that... When he isn't trying to make you imagine things he's a lanky and coarse Yorkshireman who will wax lyrical or gush about anything with little-to-no provocation, and is always attached to a machine of some specification; PC, iPod, phone or derivative of portable console.

His tools of the trade include GCC, SDL and a HP Pavilion g6 laptop running Linux Mint, and also a Macbook Pro - but shhhh...

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Together their current mission is to bring to life one little game, an idea they have been throwing around for years. Working on it in their spare time alongside their lives the lengthy on-and-off development process seems to be gaining some momentum and now their daft wee project appears as though it might see the light of day. Hence this!

Miffy and Ploe make the magic happen